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    Further Areas

    Work Experience

    All students explore the world of work and there are a range of work-related learning opportunities. Year 12 students will complete a week's work experience. 

    Careers Education 

    Students follow a full programme of careers and further education guidance.  This is delivered through the Careers, Citizenship and Work Related Learning programmes, within other areas of the curriculum and with the help of outside speakers and organisations.

    RE and Collective Act of Worship

    We are committed to the spiritual and moral development of our students. Religious Education (RE) is non-denominational and includes:

    • the Christian religion and heritage
    • other major religions

    In Key Stage 4 all students study Religious Education and have the option to choose the Philosophy and Ethics GCSE (Religious Studies). Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and Collective Acts of Worship. If you have any concerns regarding this please contact the Head in writing.

    Sex and Relationship Education

    The biological aspects of sex education are mainly taught as part of the Science curriculum. Other aspects are covered in the CCW and RE programmes. A detailed statement regarding sex and relationship education is available from the school. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from sex and relationship education. If you have concerns regarding this please contact the Head in writing.

    Education for All

    The school is opposed to prejudice and discrimination in all their forms.  It is determined to promote equal opportunities for all and to counter all forms of discrimination wherever they occur.  It seeks to develop an educational environment in which there is a recognition of the positive benefits and opportunities afforded by living in a multi-cultural society.  All staff are aware of the need for the curriculum both to reflect and, where possible, make use of cultural diversity and of the need to prepare students for life in a pluralist society. 

    Support for Learning

    We recognise all achievement and are aware of the need for children to progress at their own pace. 

    The school believes that Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) provision should identify and address the needs of all students with SEND through a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum delivered by all staff. 

    The identification and assessment procedure ensures that all students who experience any difficulty with learning can be offered a range of provisions. All identified students have baseline assessments. Provision consists of in-class support, group or individual withdrawal and curriculum support.

    The school also offers an Educational Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist and a counselling service for students.

    Our approach focuses on the individual needs of the student.  An Individual Education Plan is drawn up through partnership with parents wherever possible.  Targets are formulated, which are then regularly monitored and reviewed by the Inclusion Faculty. 

    The Inclusion Centre supports students with specific social and emotional needs. 


    The PE faculty provides an extensive programme of extra-curricular activities for students at the school.  The school aims to maintain the traditional nature of school sport as well as following the diverse interests of the students. 

    The school participates in the Borough cups and tournaments throughout the age range in football, rugby, netball, basketball, cricket, athletics and cross country.