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    Our Philosophy

    School Aims

    Drayton Manor offers a wide range of opportunities, academic, practical, cultural and sporting to all students. The school thinks and works in terms of individual students, their personal development, their academic tuition, their interests and their career needs. The school’s curriculum aims, as stated by the Governing Body, are:

    • To promote the maximum possible development of individual students’ talents and potential within a tolerant and caring community
    • To help students to develop a lively, enquiring mind and the ability to question, to argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills
    • To help students to acquire in all areas of the curriculum the knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to adult life, employment and leisure in a fast changing world
    • To encourage students to use language and number effectively
    • To promote equal opportunities for all, to counter racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination whenever they occur
    • To encourage respect for religious and moral values and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life
    • To help students to understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations, including awareness of economic and environmental issues
    • To help students to appreciate human achievement and aspirations in all forms of human endeavour
    • To support students in the development of their personal and social skills