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    The school believes in a partnership between parents and the school.  Staff are available to see parents by appointment.  There is an annual parents' evening for each year group when parents can see members of staff about the child's progress.

    The school also hosts a wide range of information evenings for parents to come in, hear and ask questions about the stage of their child's education. We always encourage parents to contact the school and the student diary contains lots of information as well as space to write messages and notes. Recent presentations of the information evenings can be found below.

    A very active and helpful Parent Teacher Association (PTA) arranges information and social events and is consistently generous to the school, information of which can be found on the PTA page under 'In This Section'.

    Key Stage 3 Curriculum Maps

    Year 7 Curriculum MapYear 8 Curriculum MapYear 9 Curriculum Map

    Achieving Success

    Year 10 Success at GCSE Evening 2018

    Year 11 Achieving Success 2018-19

    Year 11 Achieving Success - Subject Specific Tips  

    Achieving Success in the Sixth Form 2018-19

    Parents Guide to Student Finance (Higher Education)

    Year 12 Parent Subject Information

    Year 13 Parent Subject Information

    Year Half Term Reports

    Half Term Reports

    KS3 Half Term Reports

    KS4 Half Term Reports

    KS5 Half Term Reports

    Mid-Year & End of Year Assessments Learning Level Information

    Students are formally assessed through Mid-Year and End of Year Assessments in each subject on topics they have studied.  Each formal assessment measures the skills, knowledge and understanding a student has attained in that time.  Each subject has their own framework applied to a formal assessment.  Below you will find information on the Learning Levels your child has been awarded in their Mid-Year and End of Year reports.

    Year 7 Mid-Year Learning Levels

    Year 8 Mid-Year Learning Levels

    Year 9 Mid-Year Learning Levels

    Year 7 End of Year Learning Levels

    Year 8 End of Year Learning Levels

    Year 9 End of Year Learning Levels


    Exam Information

    Information on examinations can be found by visiting our Examination Information Page.

    Examination Information


    Appeals Against Internal Assessments of Work

    You can find information about appealing the marks given towards Internal Assessments below.

    Appeals Against Internal Assessments of Work


    End of Term Newsletter

    The Autumn Term newsletter is now available to view below.

    Autumn Term Newsletter

    School Terms and Holidays

    Parents will find the School Terms and Holidays for the current academic year, as well as the 2019-20 academic year below.

    School Terms and Holidays 2018/2019

    School Terms and Holidays 2019/2020