School Organisation

House System

Our House system plays a key part in Drayton Manor’s culture and ethos. It establishes opportunities for engagement in extra-curricular activities, working with charities and providing leadership opportunities for students of all ages. It also enables us to teach students the values of Ambition, Character and Civic Virtue. 

A new programme of events and activities is published every half term which includes sports competitions, debates, baking, art and many others. The House system also ties into the school calendar and provides activities relating to certain weeks, such as ‘resilience week’. 

Each House has a set of House Captains made up of students who display the school’s values in everything they do. These students are responsible for the promotion of the House system and design and organise whole school events. House Captains decide on a local charity that the House will support with the aim of students ‘knowing’ the charity and having a meaningful impact on fundraising and raising awareness. 

The end of each term sees a whole school celebration where a number of factors will decide on the awarding of the House cup. These include results from competitions, House attendance, and the students’ rewards record.

Home School Agreement

The Home School Agreement is central to the school ethos partnership - the partnership that exists between the school, parents and students. The Home School Agreement sets out clearly how and why we expect students to behave. It provides students with a clear framework for establishing acceptable behaviour within the school in both social and learning situations as well as in the wider local community. There is a whole school behaviour policy linked to a system of rewards and sanctions. Central to this is our expectation that students show consideration and respect for others, to work together and to help each other. Rules are kept to a minimum but must be closely observed.

Year and School Councils

The school has Year Councils made up of representatives from each tutor group and a very active School Council. They are involved in policy and decision making within the school. For example they helped to draw up the student statement of our Home School Agreement, the bullying policy and premises development.


The power to support others through hardship


The power to rejuvenate


The power to be courageous


The power to make positive change

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