School Organisation

The Year System

The tutorial system is the backbone of the school and the tutor is a vital link with parents. At Drayton Manor there are up to 240 students in each year, organised into eight tutor groups. All students are members of a tutor group. This remains the students’ base until they leave. The tutor sees the tutor group at the start of the day for registration. As they maintain close contact with subject teachers, tutors have an overall picture of the progress of each child in their group.

Each year group has a Head and Deputy Head of Year and a member of the Senior Leadership Group is assigned to support them.

In addition each student is placed in one of our four houses: Byron, Conolly, Fonteyn, and Hanway. House competitions and house events are organised in music, dance, drama and sport.

Home School Agreement

The Home School Agreement is central to the school ethos partnership - the partnership that exists between the school, parents and students. The Home School Agreement sets out clearly how and why we expect students to behave. It provides students with a clear framework for establishing acceptable behaviour within the school in both social and learning situations as well as in the wider local community. There is a whole school behaviour policy linked to a system of rewards and sanctions. Central to this is our expectation that students show consideration and respect for others, to work together and to help each other. Rules are kept to a minimum but must be closely observed.

Year and School Councils

The school has Year Councils made up of representatives from each tutor group and a very active School Council. They are involved in policy and decision making within the school. For example they helped to draw up the student statement of our Home School Agreement, the bullying policy and premises development.

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