Year 7 Transition 2020-2021

Welcome to the Drayton Manor High School Year 7 Transition section of our website. 

When you join us in September, you will be part of a community that has been recognised for its success for decades. You will have a sense of pride, that you belong to a school with a rich 90 year history with the ambition to succeed and that supports our students with their individual aspirations throughout their time at Drayton Manor High School. 

Care, consideration, courtesy and integrity come above everything else at the school and you will feel genuine warmth from our staff and students each time you walk through our gates.

Below you’ll find copies of all information produced for the September 2020 Year 7 cohort. We hope this area of the website is useful and see its contents expand as we get closer to September. Please send any general transition queries to

We are looking forward to meeting all of our new students and parents.

When new Year 7 students join our school it is essential we have all the relevant information to support the transition into secondary school. We appreciate you taking the time to read all our documentation and completing the relevant forms.

1. Read ‘Important information for students and parents’ document

2. Read documents 1 to 8 in the ‘Declaration’ section

3. Read documents 1 to 10 in the ‘Useful information’ section


Useful information


The Year 7 Admissions Form will now need to be completed. There are nine sections to this document with all the information pertaining to your child needing to be entered using the following link:

Year 7 Admission Form

If you require any support in completing this document, please email

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