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The Draytonians is the school’s alumni community. We continue to work to strengthen the association we enjoy with former students. A great school is often measured by the achievements of its alumni, and they serve as both inspiration and support for subsequent generations of Draytonians.

Membership of the Draytonian Society is free, and will help you to maintain contact with the school and to keep in touch with fellow Draytonians. The Society will in turn help the School and its students by

Being part of The Draytonians also allows access to some fantastic features such as

We believe that both former Draytonians and the School’s current students stand to gain enormously from a thriving Draytonian Society and invite you to register by filling out an application form by visiting the Alumni section of our website

Former students of Drayton Manor include:

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Privacy and Data Protection

The school retains limited personal information about past students in order to discharge legal obligations, maintain contact between them and the school, offer services such as reunions, as well as providing opportunities for past students to support the school. If however you do not wish to receive any mailings or other contact please let us know in writing or by emailing

The school holds all such information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. Your personal information will not be sold, nor will it be passed to any third party, other than to discharge legal obligations or to contractors or agents employed by the school to provide services such as mailing and printing. You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we have about you, and to correct any inaccuracies.

Reunion Attendance List

If you attend a reunion we will ask for your permission to include your name in an open attendance list.

Draytonians Network

If you choose to join the Draytonians by submitting an application form you are authorising the School to share the information you provide with other Draytonians, and other members to contact you directly. We will not pass on your personal details without this permission, though the Draytonians Office may act as an intermediary if you wish to make contact with your fellow Draytonians. For example, if we have their email details we can forward an email on your behalf.

Whilst remaining a member of the Draytonians you may decline permission for information about you to be shared with other members and/or to being contacted by other members indirectly through the Draytonians Office by writing to us or emailing

Please note that doing the latter cannot guarantee that you will no longer be contacted by other members who already have information about you provided with your permission.


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