The Drayton Manor High School English Department’s vision is to deliver a high quality English curriculum that will foster a love and passion for literature and writing.  We aim to expose students to a diverse range of ambitious texts from the literary canon and modern literature.  Students are given a grounding in a variety of texts at Key Stage 3 that have been carefully selected to provide depth and breadth whilst preparing them for Key Stage 4.

The choice of texts aims to reflect the wide diversity of the English Language, with authors from a range of backgrounds studied to develop students’ awareness of a plethora of historical, cultural and literary contexts. Through these we aim to develop students’ emotional literacy by exposing them to ideas, situations, characters and issues that they may not have encountered before. 

We build students’ writing skills so that when they communicate, they are clear and accurate in style and sophisticated in expression.  Students will be able to discuss the writer’s craft to a high standard and show a genuine appreciation for literature that they will carry forward with them as lifelong readers.

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