Ms C Guitane, Assistant Head Teacher Inclusion and Safeguarding

Ms A Zygmunt, Acting Head of Inclusion and SENCO



Drayton Manor High School offers a wide range of opportunities, academic, practical, cultural and sporting to all students. The school thinks and works in terms of individual students, their personal development, their academic tuition, their interests and their career needs. Students with various types of needs are supported at our school.  We work closely with parents, staff and external agencies to ensure our students make good progress and the individual needs of the students are met.

Need 1:

Cognition and learning

KS3 Alternative Curriculum programme

SpLD (Dyslexia)


Reading for Meaning

Need 2: 

Communication and Interaction

Speech and Language (Vocabulary and Narrative)

Lego Club


Building resilience and Conflict Resolution 

Academic Mentoring

Need 3: 

Social, Emotional & Mental Health

Nurture Group



Building resilience and Conflict Resolution

Resilience programme

Emotional Literacy 

Need 4: 

Sensory and/or Physical Needs, Medical

Health Care Plan (Welfare staff support)

Adapting Resources

Specialist teacher observation and reviews

Linked school programme –Springhallow integration

Homework Club

In-class support

External Agencies 

Identifying Needs

We identify the needs of all students whether they have a special educational need or not. This takes place on admission and throughout their time at Drayton Manor.  Every student is seen as an individual and if special educational needs and/or additional intervention is required the school will inform the parent.    

Year 6 and 11 Transition

The school works closely in partnership with primary and high schools to provide a purposeful and smooth transition for students of all backgrounds and circumstances. The school offers a large range of enrichment and support activities to students at the key points of the transition process.

Specialist services and External Agencies

The school offers a variety of specialist services supporting a large range of needs across the school.  The Educational Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, School Counsellor and Speech and Language Therapist are in school one day each week. 

The services which the SEN department work with to support students and families are:

Specialist Services/External Agencies

Educational Psychologist Services (EP)

Clinical Psychology Services (Clips)

Speech and Language Therapy (SaLt)

Occupational Therapy (OT)

School Counsellor

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Further Education & Career Advice 

School Nurse

Social Services 

Supportive Action For Families in Ealing (SAFE) 

Team Around the Family /  Team Around the Child

Family Links 

Visual and Hearing Impairment Consultants (SENs)

Safer Schools Police Officer (SSPO) 

Multi-Agency Support Team (MAST) 

Please see our Inclusion Policy and SEN Report below.

Inclusion Policy
SEN Information Report

Katelyn Peucker

Head of Inclusion and SENco

Agnieszka Zygmunt

Deputy Head of Inclusion and SENco

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