Inclusion Intent Statement

The Drayton Manor High School Inclusion Faculty enhances students’ ability to be independent and critical thinkers through the range of interventions. Our holistic approach to transition ensures new students smoothly integrate into life at the school. Students begin building the skills to become unified and active members of society to make a positive contribution. 

The Inclusion Faculty supports students in the development of core literacy, communication and interaction and emotional skills to enhance their ability to access and experience a broad and rich curriculum. Students will benefit from targeted and specialist intervention to support them in knowing how to develop a range of skills to cope with the challenges of secondary education.  Our specialist team has expertise in identifying, assessing and implementing provisions to meet the range of needs. We also utilise the expertise of clinicians who provide training and interventions that further enhance our inclusive curriculum. 

In everything we do at Drayton Manor High School, we nurture our young people to build good character, have high aspirations and embrace their civic duty. Our tailored and personalised support helps narrow the academic and social gap between them and their peers. Ultimately we work in collaboration to ensure every student in our community has equal opportunities to discover and develop their unique skills, so that they can excel, increase their life chances, and integrate into society. In essence we pave the way for lifelong growth and fulfilment.

Key Stage 4


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