Important Information

Access to Information

If parents require access to further documentation, including information about the National Curriculum, school policies or Ofsted reports, they should contact the school.

Concerns and Complaints

Initial concerns should be resolved with individual members of staff. There is a detailed Procedure for Complaints Against the School that is available on request from reception.

Charging Policy

Under the Governors' charging policy, charges are made in the following areas: clubs, trips, activities outside school hours, board and lodging on trips during school hours, materials for practical lessons where the finished product is taken home. Charges for board and lodging will be remitted for families on income support or family credit. Full details of the Governors' policy are available from the school.


The Safer Schools team work with the school towards a set of shared objectives:

  • Reduce the prevalence of crime and victimisation
  • To provide a safe and secure school community
  • To ensure that young people remain in education
  • Deliver a partnership to engage young people

This is achieved through a range of strategies including Bus Stop supervision, patrol, contribution to Multi-Agency Panel meetings when appropriate, providing relevant information to all students with on crime involvement, selected home visits for Persistent Absentees, liaison with members of the public and support on annual events such as Open Evening, Awards Evening, Sports Day, Gala, and Year activity days at the field.

Keep your child safe

Please read this important information on keeping your child safe online while they are off school.

Keeping your child safe online

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