We are committed to producing personally rounded and highly knowledgeable students who strive to be exemplary citizens, contributing in all ways, especially as role models within their communities and on the world stage.

The character of students; stimulating relish for fresh challenges and personal responsibility alongside the development of the necessary resilience, courage and determination to overcome challenges in a fast-moving world; inspired by the school’s motto Nec Aspera Terrent.

Ambitious learning; instilling in every student the fundamental importance of academic rigour and hard work in all they do, combined with the value of breadth in their studies and the commitment to doing their very best and being the best possible version of themselves.

Acquisition of civic virtue; including integrity, care for others, service and sharing non- academic life experiences. Civic virtue s are character traits that are necessary for engaged responsible citizenship, contributing to the common good.

Our Philosophy

School Aims

Drayton Manor offers a wide range of opportunities, academic, practical, cultural and sporting to all students. The school thinks and works in terms of individual students, their personal development, their academic tuition, their interests and their career needs. The school’s curriculum aims, as stated by the Governing Body, are


Headteacher: Ms L Mills

Drayton Bridge Road, London W7 1EU

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