MyEd App

MyEd App Launch
We are pleased to announce that from September 2021 we are introducing an efficient new way to communicate and share information with you as parents. My Ed is the new Drayton Manor app that gives you a multitude of communication and information features to stay in touch with school. The app gives you direct access to your child's timetable, attendance and absence records, school calendar, links to the website and much more. You will also see that we plan to update and change the information in the app as the year progresses.

Once you have downloaded the app to your phone, we will be able to send you messages directly to the My Ed app containing letters, forms requiring digital completion, newsletters, information about your child's education and to remind you of events that are taking place at school, such as Parents Evenings. You can also access ParentPay through it to top up your child’s account. 

The home screen with options linking to information on the main school website. As well as Parent Pay and Show My Homework

‘Messages’ allows you to report your child’s absence with a simple message. The school will reply if we require further information.

‘Ed Scan’ allows you to scan QR codes printed onto letters or newsletters. Scanning a code will take you to an electronic form or survey. 

‘My Students’ is a bespoke page for your child. If your child has missed a day from school, you will be able to view this and submit information using the ‘Absence’ button


From this point forward, absence for your child can be reported by parents to the school through the app using the ‘Messages’ function. The traditional phone line or email address will still exist but we will look to phase these out to simplify communication next year. 

Children should only miss school when they are too unwell to attend. 

If your child is too unwell to attend, this is how you report the absence:

  • Open the app on your phone
  • Click ‘Messages’ at the bottom of the home screen
  • Write the school a message with the following information
    • Name
    • Tutor Group
    • Reason for absence
    • How many days your child will be absent
    • You can also inform us of upcoming appointments or emergency situations
  • Click send

Downloading the App

When you download the app, click ‘allow notifications’ so that you will receive a notification if we send you a message. There is no charge for the messages you send to us as a reply. 

The MyEd app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices and can be found the usual way.

Step 1 - Go to your App Store or Play Store

Step 2 - Search for My Ed and locate the app with the following logo:

Step 3 - Download the Free app and once installed and opened, search for Drayton Manor High School and follow the instructions to identify yourself. Use this link if you require help in registering. The app will sync with the phone numbers and email addresses we have on file for the student. If you have a new mobile phone number, please email to let us know.

When registering, ensure you ‘Allow Notifications’ from the app. 

Once Step 3 is complete, you will see the My Ed app appear on your phone or device. This will present you with a series of pages controlled by the icons at the bottom of the screen. 

We hope you enjoy using My Ed. In the first few weeks of using the app you my take time to adjust to it so if you have any questions or are experiencing difficulties accessing the app including downloading it to your phone please email


If you have any feedback on using the app, please send us a message through the app and our office team will take the information on board and respond. 


Headteacher: Ms L Mills

Drayton Bridge Road, London W7 1EU

Student absence:

General enquiries:

School reception: 0208 357 1900

Student absence: 020 8357 5607

Staff absence: 0208 357 1910

Facilities Manager: 0208 357 1902

Finance Officer: 0208 357 1903