Humanities Intent Statement

The Humanities Faculty is an interdisciplinary, vibrant, innovative and dynamic faculty. History teaches students about the polemical past, Business Studies, Economics and Politics teach students how the world works today, and Geography explores how the world is now and can be in the future. 

We aim to develop students’ critical thinking skills to help them understand and navigate a world in which they are active members of the community. Crucial to the work of each department is refining student's knowledge and understanding of the world, and develop critical analysis skills to interpret and make key decisions, using literacy and numeracy skills to draw evidentially informed judgements. We believe that only with these skills will students be able to understand and create a sense of wonder about an increasingly complex world, their place in it and their relationship to thepast, thepresent and the future. We aim to allow students to become active and well-educated citizens that make informed choices about how local and global society can be bettered. 

Every enquiry aims to shift paradigms, challenge misconceptions and to foster a love for knowledge and higher order thinking. Through a rigorous yet diverse curriculum, teaching and Learning within Humanities will develop the whole-child.

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