Jun 12, 2024

Success at the Royal Academy’s Young Artists’ Summer Show

We are excited to announce that the exceptional talents of our students have been recognised at the prestigious Young Artists' Summer Show at the Royal Academy of Arts. Out of over 21,500 submissions this year, two of our artworks were selected, bringing immense pride to our school.


Giulia's Outstanding Achievement

Giulia, a Year 7 student, achieved the remarkable honour of having her piece, Criceto Vitruviano, accepted for both the online exhibition and the display at the Royal Academy. This unique artwork showcases Giulia’s incredible creativity and skill, standing out among thousands of entries. Criceto Vitruviano is a testament to her artistic vision and dedication, and it’s no surprise that it caught the attention of the judges at such a prestigious event.



Giulia (Year 7)

The Power of Teamwork in Art

Our Year 8 students Mateusz, Ans, Muhammad, and Max have also made us proud with their collaborative sculpture, Cheesy Friendship. This imaginative piece has been accepted for the online exhibition, highlighting the power of teamwork and artistic collaboration. Cheesy Friendship embodies the spirit of camaraderie and creativity, demonstrating how collective effort can lead to extraordinary results.

From July 16, we can all enjoy the 2024 Online Exhibition on the Royal Academy's website, where both Criceto Vitruviano and Cheesy Friendship will be featured. This online exhibition is an incredible opportunity to witness the artistic talents of young creators from across the country, and we are thrilled that our students’ works are among them.

In addition, the artworks selected for display, including Giulia's, will be showcased at the Royal Academy from July 16 to August 11. We encourage everyone to visit the exhibition and support the fantastic achievements of our young artists. The Young Artists' Summer Show is an exceptional platform that celebrates the creativity and talent of young artists. Being chosen from such a vast pool of entries is an outstanding accomplishment, and it reflects the high calibre of artistic skills and imagination present in our students.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Royal Academy of Arts for providing such an inspiring platform for young artists. Their dedication to nurturing and showcasing young talent is truly commendable. To our students, Giulia, Mateusz, Ans, Muhammad, and Max, we are incredibly proud of you. Your hard work, creativity, and passion for art have paid off spectacularly. You have not only brought honour to yourselves but have also made our entire school community proud.

We are eager to see what the future holds for these talented young artists. Their achievements at the Young Artists' Summer Show are just the beginning of their artistic journeys. We encourage all our students to continue exploring their creative potential and to participate in such opportunities.

Mateusz, Ans, Muhammad, and Max (Year 8)


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