Celebrating the Passion for Reading

The recent Readathon event held on 13 and 14 June brought forward enthusiasm and dedication to reading exhibited by all participants, and it was truly remarkable. The goal was not only to encourage a love for reading but also to foster a sense of community and teamwork among students. 

We are proud to announce that the collective efforts of our participants resulted in a substantial number of pages read. Below, you will find a breakdown of the total pages read by each group. 

Congratulations to everyone for their incredible dedication!

Group Achievements

Mr. Poole's Group:

Mr. Poole's group kicked off the Readathon with great energy, reading an impressive total of 1,186 pages. Their commitment to immersing themselves in their books was evident, and they set a high standard for the rest of the participants.

Mr. Walcott’s Group:

Close on the heels of Mr. Poole's group, Mr. Walcott’s students demonstrated a strong passion for reading, collectively devouring 1,160 pages. Their enthusiasm was palpable, and they proved that they are avid readers with a deep love for literature.

Mr. Delgado's Group:

Mr. Delgado's group truly outdid themselves, reaching an extraordinary 1,475 pages read. Their ability to stay engaged and motivated throughout the event was inspiring. Kudos to Mr. Delgado and his students for their exceptional performance!

Mr. Thompson's Group:

Despite being one of the smaller groups, Mr. Thompson’s students made a significant impact by reading 554 pages. Their determination and focus were commendable, and they contributed meaningfully to the overall success of the Readathon.

Ms. Leonard's Group:

Ms. Leonard’s group showcased their literary prowess by reading a total of 1,152 pages. Their collective efforts and teamwork highlighted their commitment to the event and to fostering a love for reading.

Mrs. Arendse's Group:

Reading a noteworthy 995 pages, Mrs. Arendse’s group displayed a strong dedication to their books. Their engagement throughout the Readathon was a testament to their enthusiasm for learning and literature.

Ms. Mendes' Group:

Ms. Mendes' group achieved a remarkable milestone, reading a total of 1,875 pages - the highest of any group. Their unwavering dedication and passion for reading were truly inspiring, setting a new benchmark for future Readathons.

Mr. Miodownik's Group:

Not far behind, Mr. Miodownik's group read an impressive 1,604 pages. Their commitment to the event and their love for reading were evident in their outstanding performance.

Celebrating Collective Success

The success of this Readathon reflects the hard work and dedication of students and teachers. It was heartening to see everyone come together to celebrate literature and learning.

As we reflect on the achievements of this Readathon, we are filled with anticipation for future events organised by the wonderful staff at the Drayton Manor Library. The enthusiasm and passion displayed by our participants encourage us to continue fostering a love for reading within our community. 


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